Interpreting the Survey of Ethical Aptitudes

  This diagnostic test has been used for many years in diverse settings, both in the academic world and in the private and public sectors.  It is designed to ascertain an individual's inclination to approach ethical issues from a "utilitarian" or "deontological" perspective.
  Utilitarianism is the ethical doctrine based on the view that human conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness for the greatest number of persons. Deontology, in contrast, stresses duty and moral obligation as the basis for ethics.
  There are no wrong answers and no unethical scores. Count the odd-numbered questions you answered by selecting the first option.  Also count the even-numbered questions you answered with the second option. Add the two numbers and then subtract 8 to reach the measurable total. 
+7,+6,+5+= "UTILITARIAN"
+1, 0,-1=  "UNDEFINED"
-2,-6,-7=  "MODERATE
-5,-6,-7=  "DEONTOLOGIST"

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