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Study Suggestions for the Internet Student

Consider your time commitments

Before signing up for an online course, consider your time commitments. An online class takes as much time if not more as an on-campus class. Many online students write that they spend more time working on their online classes than they do their on-campus classes.

Participate actively

You must participate actively in the class. Your instructor will not contact you. Contact your instructor and your classmates if you have questions or comments.

Login to your class frequently

Logon to your online course at least three times a week during the trimester sessions. Most online instructors
have due dates for assignments and tests. Many instructors will post weekly messages about due dates and assignments. If you don't logon at least once a week, you may fall behind.

Don't fall behind
Don't procrastinate. It's very easy to fall behind when you don't have to physically attend a class. Once you fall behind, it's very difficult to get back on track.

Ask for help when you need it.

Don't be shy. Although you won't meet with your instructor, he will be available to answer questions and offer additional help via WebCT internet email or during his virtual office hour. Even better, in many instances, is posting a question or doubt on Discussion Board in your virtual classroom. This will allow your classmates to share and/or respond to your concerns.