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Candidate Presentation for California State University, Bakersfield


On this page you can explore links to other web sites associated with my professional, academic, and leisure interests.

For example, here is the link to my academic Web page at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, which in turn contains a variety of other links related to academic endeavors


Here are links to general informational pages for students taking my on-line courses in both Spanish and English.

In Spanish

In English

For detailed information on Internet courses I have offered, you may want to check out these syllabi:

Introducción a la Ciencia Política

Sociedad Global

Global Society

Sometimes I write serious essays, usually on topics related to Latin America. One of these appears in an academic journal published in electronic form on the Web. It deals somewhat philosophically with the role of the State in Latin America today. You'll need good Spanish to understand this one. The link will take you to a page where, after pressing upon the title "Revista/Review Interamericana," you must use "volume29" as the username and "rev0029" as the password.